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Features of ES medical non-woven fabric


In recent years, due to the vigorous development of industrial production, environmental problems have become more and more serious, and smog has become a troublesome problem. Many people must wear masks when traveling to prevent dust from entering their noses and mouths. Therefore, people's demand for masks has also increased a lot, and more and more material masks have appeared on the market. In recent years,ES medical non-woven fabricIt has become a favorite material and is widely used. What I will share with you below is about the characteristics of ES medical non-woven fabrics.

ESThe characteristics of medical non-woven fabrics are (1) ES medical non-woven fabrics are light in weight, mainly made of polypropylene resin, and have good hand feeling; (2) ES medical non-woven fabrics have high softness and comfort; (3) ES medical non-woven fabric material does not absorb water, and the water content is basically zero. The finished product has excellent water repellency, porosity, air permeability, easy to keep the cloth dry and easy to clean; (4) Does not contain any chemical components, Stable performance, low irritating odor; (5) Polypropylene is a chemically inert substance that can prevent insects and has good corrosion resistance.

After the above description, you areES medical non-woven fabricThere should be a better understanding of the characteristics of ES medical non-woven fabrics, so today’s introduction to the characteristics of ES medical non-woven fabrics is here. In fact, ES medical non-woven fabrics still have a lot of relevant knowledge to understand. In the next part, I will continue to share the ES medical non-woven fabric produced by Kangtai Nonwovens. If you are not clear about the relevant issues, you can call our company's phone for relevant consultation.

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