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Application of matt non-woven fabrics in the industry


As we all know, non-woven fabrics are very commonly used materials nowadays, and non-woven fabrics are used in many places in life. Because the advantages of non-woven fabrics are used by more and more people, I believe some people are also very curious about the application of non-woven fabrics in various industries.Matte non-woven fabricApplying knowledge in the industry, knowing these can help us gain more experience when we use it in the future, hurry up and let me know more about it.

Regarding the environment, the raw material of most non-woven fabrics currently used is polypropylene, and the raw material of plastic bags in life is polyethylene. Although the names of the two substances are similar, they are different in chemical structure. The chemical structure of polyethylene is very stable and difficult to degrade, so plastic bags are difficult to explain, and the pollution to the environment is very serious; but the chemical structure of polypropylene is not strong, and the molecules in the chemical structure The chain is easy to break and can be completely degraded in the environment.

Matte non-woven fabrics are far from the requirements of clothing fabrics in terms of drape, elasticity and strength, opacity and ballooning. Matte non-woven fabrics can be applied to various products such as felt fabrics, floor mats and furoshiki in daily life. The main characteristics are soft texture, not easy to deform, easy to use, and low pollution to the environment. The application in production is to make heat-insulating materials, tapes and battery separators, etc. The wide range of its application is not questionable.

The application field of matt non-woven fabric is still very wide, and compared with other materials, it will be more affordable and low pollution. Therefore, many people in life will choose matt non-woven fabric to use. I believe that we will follow the performance of non-woven fabrics Research will highlight its wide application in various industries and give full play to the value of matte non-woven fabrics.

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