ES staple fiber hot rolled non-woven fabric

ES staple fiber hot rolled non-woven fabric

Product Details

ESThe fiber is characterized by water absorption and softness. The hot air non-woven fabrics and hot-rolled non-woven fabrics produced from ES as raw materials are widely used.

Fiber webs composed of thermoplastic synthetic fibers can be reinforced by thermal bonding. Because cotton, wool, hemp, viscose and other fibers do not have thermoplasticity, fiber webs composed of such fibers alone cannot be reinforced by thermal bonding. A small amount of fibers such as cotton and wool can be added to the fiber web to improve certain properties of non-woven fabrics, but generally should not exceed 50%. For example, the hot-rolled non-woven fabric made of cotton and polyester in a 30:70 mixing ratio can significantly improve the moisture absorption, feel and softness, and is very suitable for medical and sanitary products.

In addition, ES staple fiber hot-rolled non-woven products have the characteristics of high output, low cost, high hygiene, high strength, and flat density. They are widely used in the manufacture of medical and health products, such as surgical gowns, masks, sanitary napkins, and All kinds of protective clothing and work clothes. In addition, it is also used for agricultural harvest cloth, geotextile, electrical insulation cloth, battery diaphragm, packaging material, artificial leather base cloth, waterproof material base cloth, etc.