Staple fiber hot rolled non-woven fabric

Staple fiber hot rolled non-woven fabric

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Short-fiber hot-rolled short-fiber non-woven fabrics are wound into a coil with a large diameter after trimming the length of the product from the hot rolling mill. It is widely used in the construction and water conservancy industry, and can be used for geotextiles, asphalt roadbeds, and highways., Railway roadbed, soil reinforcement, drainage, river dams, golf courses, tennis courts, artificial lawns, anti-soil deposition and erosion, anti-silt, building waterproof materials, insulating cloths, sound-absorbing materials, pipe wraps, other building materials, etc. Wait.

Staple fiberThe hot-rolled staple fiber non-woven fabric is not polluted and is suitable for washing. It directly uses polymer fragments, short fibers or filaments through various fiber mesh forming and consolidation technologies to form a new type of fiber product with air permeability and flat structure.KangtaiStaple fiberHot-rolled non-woven products are developed and produced by using high-quality raw materials and advanced technology,The cloth is even and even, high temperature resistant,Low heat shrinkage,And the heating temperature can reach220°, the cloth surface is evenly networked, and the gram weight per square meter can be produced within the range of 18 grams to 120 grams. It can also be customized according to the needs of customersWidth.