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The role of ES fiber in ES fiber non-woven fabric


In our lives, we can see a lot of non-woven medical gauze, and the main component of baby diapers is non-woven fabric, which brings a lot of convenience to our lives. So what are the main raw materials of non-woven fabrics? In recent years, among themES fiber non-woven fabricHas been widely used, what is the main purpose of ES fiber non-woven fabrics? Today, let us discuss it with the editor.

After the ES fiber non-woven fabric is heat-treated, part of the skin layer is melted to play a bonding role, while the rest remains in the fiber state and has the characteristics of low thermal shrinkage. The fiber is particularly suitable for hot air infiltration process to produce sanitary materials, such as non-woven diapers, warm fillers, filter materials and other products. ES fiber demand is becoming more and more promising, it is the main raw material of ES fiber non-woven fabrics. At present, both baby diapers and adult diapers involve the application of non-woven fabrics, especially diapers have great room for improvement.

Important uses of non-woven fabrics: (1) Household products: fabric softeners and additives, vacuum cleaner bags. (2) Packaging: cable cloth, handbag, container bag, fresh flower packaging material. (3) Decoration: wall decoration cloth, floor leather, electrostatic flocking base cloth. (4) Agriculture: agricultural harvests, crops and animal shelters, weed protection belts. (5) Waterproof material: breathable (wet) waterproof material bottom cloth.

The above analysis mainly analyzes the ES fiber inES fiber non-woven fabricIt plays a big role and is widely used. Welcome to Kangtai Nonwovens Co., Ltd. to purchase. Our nonwoven materials are reliable and suitable for different production needs. We look forward to cooperating with you!