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Application of hot-rolled non-woven fabric in insulation quilt


Hot-rolled non-woven fabrics have been well used in the automotive industry, but they are not limited to this. Especially in recent years,Hot rolled non-woven fabricIt has developed well, especially since it is widely used in insulation quilts. Let me introduce the application of hot-rolled non-woven fabrics in insulation quilts in detail below.

Many people may be confused when they hear this topic. In fact, the use of hot-rolled non-woven fabrics in thermal insulation quilts and their role have begun to rise slowly, and to a certain extent shows its strong market vitality and market survival ability. In the early stage of the development of non-woven fabrics in the market, the thermal insulation of vegetable greenhouses was very poor in thickness and quality, which not only affected the interests of growers, but also an unfortunate thing for our consumers, which means We will eat very few off-season vegetables. For vegetable growers, perhaps this is just a simple thickness, but there is no scientific quality assurance, or it is just made of hot-rolled pure non-woven fabric. However, this simple thermal insulation material has become more and more suitable for the rapid development of greenhouse cultivation and breeding requirements, so higher quality and higher standards of thermal insulation materials are required.

After reading this article, everyone is rightHot rolled non-woven fabricI know a lot more than before. I believe that this technology has been used in thermal insulation quilts to a certain extent, which has brought good development to the greenhouse planting industry. Anhui Kangtai Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production and sales of various types of non-woven fabrics. Products include hydrophilic non-woven fabrics, matte non-woven fabrics, staple fiber hot-rolled non-woven fabrics, ES medical non-woven fabrics, etc. Our products are sold everywhere, and you are welcome to come and cooperate sincerely with us.