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Do you know the maintenance method of ES smooth non-woven fabric?
- 2019-12-31-

I believe everyone knows that if you want to use the same equipment and products for a long time, we need to do a good job of inspection before use, we should also check after use, and must be maintained frequently in daily life. We use a lot of materials now, especially in the development of science and technology today, more and more various materials appear. Therefore, their maintenance methods are also very important.ES smooth non-woven fabricIt's such a material, let me take a look at its maintenance methods with everyone.

ESMaintenance of smooth non-woven fabrics: 1. When used externally, minimize friction with hard objects (such as sofa backs, armrests, desktops) and hooks. 2. When the ES glossy non-woven fabric is worn inside, it should be kept smooth. There should be no hard objects inside the pocket, such as pens, key boxes, mobile phones, etc., to avoid friction and pilling. In addition, remember to ventilate, remove dust, and dehumidify. However, exposure to the sun is strictly prohibited. You can also put anti-mold and insect-resistant tablets in the closet to prevent the cashmere products from getting wet and moldy. 3. When the ES smooth non-woven fabric is stored in different seasons, it must be sealed in a plastic bag and placed flat in the closet. It is better to wash, iron and dry before putting it in the closet. method.

Now, I believe everyone is definitely rightES smooth non-woven fabricHave a certain understanding of maintenance methods. Everyone can also see that the maintenance of ES smooth non-woven fabrics still requires strict requirements. The correct use of these methods can provide more guarantee for our production. Due to the increase in market demand, the price of ES smooth non-woven fabrics is not very high. Friends in need can come to Anhui Kangtai Nonwovens Co., Ltd. for a visit and inspection. We will provide you with high-quality products and satisfactory services. Thank you for reading. See you next time!