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Kangtai hot-rolled non-woven fabric manufacturer delivers on time


Hot rolled non-woven fabricYesHas a high heatRollingwheelRollingThrough uniform fiber filaments so as to melt into a net,ThereforeThe general hot-rolled non-woven fabric has many rolling points on the fabric surface, which look like pinholes, and its permeabilityGood butIt depends on the density and size of the thorns on the rolling wheel. In addition, the hot-rolled non-woven fabric is not a specific kind of cloth, but a general term for non-woven fabrics made by related similar processes. Non-woven fabric made by this processincludeThere are spunbond non-woven fabrics, polypropylene non-woven fabrics and polyester non-woven fabrics and so on.

The hot-rolled non-woven fabric products produced by Anhui Kangtai Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd. have good heat-sealing performance,YesCan be thoroughdegradationIt is generally used in the agricultural field of breeding and seedling. This process breaks through the traditional textile principle, and has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, and high output. For the production of off-season vegetables, the traditional method is to cover with multiple layers of plastic film. Although the heat preservation effect is good, the humidity in the shed will be relatively high, and leaf diseases and pulp rot will occur. If we spun the cloth, the corresponding effectIt will be different. Now vegetable growers are using non-woven fabrics instead of plastic films.

AsHot rolledNon-woven fabricThe manufacturer, Anhui Kangtai non-woven fabrics have complete varieties, good quality, and timely delivery. They are favored by customers. Anhui Kangtai non-woven fabrics are used in many fields. Friends are welcome to consult and cooperate. .