ES food packaging non-woven fabric

ES food packaging non-woven fabric

Product Details

【product name】ES food packaging non-woven fabric

[Product features] Good air permeability, good heat-sealing performance, non-stick die, good volatility, high vertical and horizontal strength, high temperature soaking will not break or rotten. It is a new type of material with very low environmental pollution.


[Width] can be customized

【Scope of application】UseES material is a raw material for food packaging non-woven fabrics, which have the characteristics of light weight, moisture resistance, breathability and flexibility, and are widely used in various small rice noodle packages, such as wheat flour, corn flour, buckwheat flour and rice, etc. The woven products are printed with water film, which is beautiful and lifelike in color, which meets the pursuit of modern people to a large extent.

Kangtai Nonwovens Co., Ltd. is committed to the production and sales of matt nonwovens, hydrophilic nonwovens,ES matte non-woven fabrics and ES food packaging non-woven fabrics, etc., ES food packaging non-woven fabrics are still used in life, such as fruit packaging non-woven fabrics used in fruit supermarkets, and used to package Chinese medicinal materials Of non-woven fabrics and so on. USThe company can also customize the width and style of non-woven fabrics for customers, and everyone is welcome to come and buy.