ES matte non-woven fabric

ES matte non-woven fabric

Product Details

【product name】ES matte non-woven fabric

[Material] ES

[Width] can be customized

[Product introduction] ES fiber is a two-component composite fiber with a skin-core structure. The skin layer has a low melting point and good flexibility. After this kind of fiber is heat-treated, part of the skin layer is melted to play a bonding role, and the rest remains in the fiber state, and at the same time has the characteristics of low thermal shrinkage. The fiber is particularly suitable for the production of sanitary materials, warm-keeping fillers, filter materials and other products in the heat-sealing penetration process.

[Product Features] 1. It has the characteristics of high bulkiness, good elasticity, strong warmth retention and breathability.

2, With good stiffness and ultra-low wind resistance, it is suitable for a variety of composite base fabrics of filter materials.

3, High air permeability and ultra-low wind resistance.

4, The tensile strength is high, and the composite material has higher tensile fracture performance, tear resistance and burst resistance than the woven frame material before composite, so it can greatly improve the service life of the product. Generally used in medical and sanitary fabrics, more household and home textile fabrics.