The reason why ES matte non-woven fabrics are widely used

2019-12-28   Anhui Kangtai Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd.

Non-woven fabrics are products that everyone has used, and I believe you will see many different types of non-woven fabrics. in,ES matte non-woven fabricIt is one of the non-woven fabrics, but you may not know that ES matte is widely used because it is different from ordinary textile fabrics. It uses physical methods to directly bond ES fibers together. It has many advantages and is therefore commonly used. Then, for the specific introduction of ES matte non-woven fabrics, please read the following exciting content.

ESMatte non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric. Unlike traditional fabrics, it is not interwoven and woven by separate yarns, but is simply directly bonded to ES fibers through physical methods. The manufacturing of ES matte non-woven fabrics breaks through the traditional textile principles, and has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide range of uses, and multiple sources of raw materials. ES matt non-woven fabric is a new type of fiber product with a soft, breathable and flat structure. It is directly formed by polymer fragments, short fibers or filaments through various fiber web forming methods and consolidation technologies. It has characteristics that plastic products do not have, and its natural degradation degree is much less than that of plastic bags. Therefore, non-woven bags made of ES sub-gloss non-woven fabrics are also considered to be economical shopping bags. The reason for the consumption of nonwovens in the industry is that in those developing regions, due to its own advantages, it is widely used, replacing many traditional materials.

After reading the above, I believe everyone should be rightES matte non-woven fabricThere is a lot of knowledge about the product. Because of its superior performance, more and more people are using it, and its production process is also very fast. It is unmatched by other shopping bags. Welcome more friends to visit and inspect Kangtai Nonwovens Co., Ltd. .