How to distinguish between hot-rolled non-woven fabric and hot-air non-woven fabric diapers

2020-03-27   Anhui Kangtai Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd.

The surface layer is one of the main constituent materials of diapers, and it is also a very important part. It is in direct contact with the baby, so the comfort of the surface layer will directly affect the baby. The content that the editor brings to you today isHot rolled non-woven fabricThe difference between hot air non-woven diapers, I hope it will be helpful to everyone!

Hot-rolled non-woven fabric mainly refers to the non-woven fabric produced by heating the web with a pair of hot-rolling rollers, and at the same time applying a certain pressure to heat bonding and forming. The product has the characteristics of high output, low cost, high hygiene, high strength, and flat density, but it is relatively poor in flexibility and air permeability.

The heat-sealing non-woven fabric is after the fiber is carded. The hot air on the drying equipment is used to penetrate the net to heat the resulting non-woven fabric. This product has the characteristics of high bulkiness, good elasticity, soft hand feeling, strong warmth retention and good air permeability, but it is relatively low in strength and easier to deform!

Therefore, generally better diapers use hot-air non-woven fabrics for the surface layer, while hot-rolled non-woven fabrics are mainly used in medical and health manufacturing. However, many businesses choose to use hot-rolled non-woven fabrics in order to save costs. cloth!

Difference between hot-air non-woven fabric and hot-rolled non-woven fabric

1,The hand feel is different. You can touch it with your hands directly. The hot-air non-woven diapers will feel softer and more comfortable to the touch, while the hot-rolled non-woven diapers will feel harder.

2,Pull, gently pull off the surface layer of the diaper, if it is easy to pull out the silk, it is a hot-air non-woven fabric, on the contrary, it is a hot-rolled non-woven fabric.

In summary, everyone isHot rolled non-woven fabricDo you have a deeper understanding of heat-sealed non-woven fabrics? When you buy diapers for your baby in the future, you can also make a difference in this way, and buy more comfortable diapers for your baby. If you have any questions, you can pay attention to Anhui Kangtai Nonwoven Co., Ltd.!