Production technology characteristics of matt non-woven fabrics

2020-07-23   Anhui Kangtai Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd.

In life, we will often come into contact with many familiar fabrics. There is a new type of preventive material, such as matte non-woven fabrics. The actual use effect is very good, not only not easy to break, but also very comfortable. It is widely loved by people. forMatte non-woven fabricWhat are the characteristics of the production technology?

The production technology features are as follows:

1,The production process is a multidisciplinary process, which involves material technology and mechanical processing technology, which need to be combined to meet the various processes of process production. In addition, the knowledge and technology required for the preparation and processing of materials are multifaceted, which is also its main feature.

2,The process flow is short and the production efficiency is high. The production process it uses is to engage in automated equipment and production lines, which will make the production process of matte non-woven fabrics simpler and faster, and it can quickly become an industrial effect.

3.The output is high, and its production speed is very fast. Through a series of processes such as feeding, processing and discharging, people can collect matt non-woven fabrics very conveniently. The production equipment can withstand high-load operation, and long-term stable work has greatly guaranteed the production of matte non-woven fabrics.

4.There are many process changes and flexible adjustment methods. The production process can be adjusted artificially to ensure that it meets the diverse requirements of its production conditions. Its style, style, texture, etc. can be effectively optimized by adjusting the parameters of the device.

With all kinds of advanced equipment, the current prevention industry has gradually entered a new era. The process of producing textile and clothing fabrics has become much simpler, which will further stimulate the development of the textile and clothing industry. Our company produces a variety of matt non-woven fabrics, which can meet the application of various textile and garment products, such as clothes, masks, furniture packaging, etc. Welcome everyone to come and purchase!