How ES food packaging non-woven fabrics use interactivity to increase sales

2019-12-31   Anhui Kangtai Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd.

The rapid economic development has undoubtedly improved people's living consumption levels, and people's aesthetic concepts have also changed with the development of new trends. Nowadays, people are not only satisfied with the hunger-satisfying effect of food, but also require it to have beautiful features and creativity. Often the sales volume and sales price of a well-packaged food are higher than those of the same kind of mediocre packaging. Today I will look at those with everyoneES food packaging non-woven fabricPackaging with interactive design.

In the current environment, the exquisiteness of ES food packaging non-woven fabrics has a significant effect on consumers' desire to purchase and purchase behavior, so how to design a packaging appearance that enhances consumers' desire to purchase has become the primary expense of food packaging designers. Questions of mind, thereby increasing consumers’ desire to buy. Interactive packaging design becomes an inducing factor, showing the emotional communication between food manufacturers and consumers. This interactive purchase and use experience will give consumers extraordinary feelings and win the trust and support of customers.

1, The interactive embodiment of graphics in the design of ES food packaging non-woven fabrics

The design of food packaging is undoubtedly graphics, because graphics can visually show the good side of food, which is why most food packaging choose more graphics as an important part of the packaging. By displaying the image of the product and other decorative items, the product information can be transmitted to consumers more quickly.

2, The interactive embodiment of text in the design of ES food packaging non-woven fabrics

In addition to graphics, an indispensable part of ES food packaging non-woven fabric design is the text part. Most food packaging designs appear in a coexistence mode of graphics and text, which can not only present the image information of the product, but also convey some potential information that cannot be seen from the appearance.

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