The mainstream printing method of ES smooth non-woven fabric

2019-12-31   Anhui Kangtai Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd.

With the development of society, the non-woven fabric industry has developed accordingly. There are many types and types of non-woven fabrics. Next, the editor and everyone will discuss aboutES smooth non-woven fabricSome of the mainstream printing methods.

Non-woven fabrics usually use a screen printing process, which is often referred to as "screen printing", which is also a common printing process used by many manufacturers, usually manual printing. Because the printing is smelly, incomplete and difficult to replace, many new non-woven printing methods have emerged. Here we introduce the mainstream in the market:

First of all, the watermark is named because it uses water-based elastomer glue as the printing medium. It is more common in textile printing and is also called printing. In the printing process, the color paste is mixed with the water-based elastomer. When the printing plate is used, no chemical solvent is required, and it can be washed directly with water. It is characterized by good coloring power, strong hiding power and fastness, washing resistance, and basically no peculiar smell. It is generally used for printing: canvas bags, cotton watermark bags.

Secondly, the finished products used for gravure printing by this method are usually called laminated film non-woven bags. This process is divided into two steps. First, the traditional gravure printing process is used to print graphics on the film, and then the lamination process is used to print non-woven bags with general large-area color patterns. It is characterized by exquisite printing, complete machine production, and short production cycle. In addition, the product has excellent waterproof performance, the product is stylish, generous, durable, full of colors, and realistic patterns. The disadvantage is that the durability of the product is better than non-woven bags produced by other methods. There are two options for the film: bright and matte. The matte has a matte effect, and naturally it will be relatively expensive in terms of price.

Above aboutES smooth non-woven fabricEveryone should have their own understanding of the mainstream printing method. If you have more information about ES smooth nonwovens, you can check the official website of Kangtai Nonwovens Co., Ltd. for consultation.