ES medical non-woven fabrics contribute to the medical industry

2020-03-02   Anhui Kangtai Non-woven Fabric Co., Ltd.

along withES medical non-woven fabricThe maturity of technology,ES medical non-woven fabrics are used in all walks of life, not only in daily life and home furnishings, but even the medical and health industry has recognized non-woven fabrics. ES medical non-woven fabric is now used as a material for medical articles,and alsoThe packaging of medical supplies circulates in major hospitals.

andNow becauseIn the epidemic situation, masks and medical materials are in short supply, and the masses’ demand for masks is also great.,Then used to makeES medical non-woven fabric is indispensable among them.ES medical non-woven fabrics are different from ordinary non-woven fabrics and composite non-woven fabrics. Ordinary non-woven fabricNoBacteriostatic,butMedical non-woven fabric has good waterproof effect,andPoor air permeability,manyFor surgical gowns and surgical sheetskindEtc., medical non-woven fabric is usedThe craft isIt is made of spunbond, meltblown, and spunbond. It has the characteristics of antibacterial, hydrophobic, breathable and no dander. It is used to sterilize itemsofPackage,Mainly usedOne-time use,There is no needClean.

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